Dear customer,
In order to pay out your digital currency units, we are obliged to verify your data and knowledge regarding cryptocurrencies. We kindly ask you to provide correct information when completing the following survey. The survey concerns your personal data as well as your knowledge. Completing the survey is mandatory. If you refuse to answer the questions or provide insufficient information, your application will be rejected and the possibility of withdrawing cryptocurrency will not be available. We kindly ask you to read the questions carefully and provide precise answers. The survey will be considered as complete when all the questions are answered correctly. It is also important to remember about providing exact personal data, as the process of sending cryptocurrency to the wallet address indicated in the form is irreversible. Your data is protected and not available to third parties.


Do you understand how cryptocurrency wallets work, and are you aware that providing incorrect information when transferring cryptocurrencies can lead to the loss of your units?

Do you have knowledge and experience regarding financial markets, which allow you to make conscious decisions in relation to the risks associated with trading financial instruments?


1. What is a cryptocurrency?

2. What is blockchain technology

3. What does cryptocurrency market capitalisation mean?

4. What does BTC stand for? 

5. Do I have to pay income tax on trading in cryptocurrency?